About Us


Our Story:

In a world where people are afraid of being judged, there are people in communities around us where people are judged by their past instead of their present. Most within our community aren’t blessed with beautiful pasts to continue relying on. Instead they have pasts they are trying to forget.  The heart-wrenching pasts that never allows them to avail job and credit opportunities. At such a stage, where tens of thousands of people never get the chance to make their future bright because of such a barrier, Avant becomes the sight of hope to the millions of people reminding people to try and see others for what they will become rather than who they were. 

Avant is here to represent our community and motivate our youth and people living in disappointment, to rise once again and chase their dreams and to live.

We selected Avant, as the brand name which means “before” in french. Printed on the hoodies is “Avant est fini” which is not grammatically correct in french but it means “before is finished”. It is chosen to remind everyone that the past should never be the reason it stops you from being bright. The dark is temporary. The sun always rises. Rise!

Our Vision:

We shouldn't rely on the past; the past is finished; we need to think about the future. We could motivate young people to be honest, talk about themselves, speak up for their rights, and be brave. We'd use unique methods to reach out to teenagers. We will bring a change with a brand and motivate people to push through that barrier no matter how heavy it is.

Our Mission

“To Encourage Youth To Live A Mindful, Present And Fulfilling Life.”

We trust that every decision made in considering creatures, the earth, and our fellow people in mind has a great impact. You can feel happy wearing our brand since these values are at the heart of all we do. We aim to educate the next generation on how you can use mindfulness to break that cycle of persistent, negative thinking patterns, admire little things, and spread love and compassion by empowering youth to lead a happy and peaceful life and educating them stress-relieving techniques to make our community a better place to live.

About The CEO:

Ibrahim Doukoure is the 19-year-old founder and CEO of Avant, a trendsetting streetwear and lifestyle brand. He is from the Ivory Coast in West Africa but was born and raised in The Bronx of New York. A first-generation college student majoring in Finance.

Ibrahim decided to make a brand that brings motivation specifically to his generation at a very young age. His keen interest is being able to impact a person’s life through motivational speaking.

Ibrahim became extremely aware of the motivation he actually wanted to do. He decided to inspire youth through what he loves seeing most. Fashion.

Ibrahim immediately recognized that he could combine his love for fashion with his commitment to the community to develop an online clothing company that would not only reflect positively but also encourage and empower young people throughout the globe.

This is how the Avant clothing brand was born in 2020 through the love of fashion from an energetic soul. Ibrahim recognized his inner voice and positivity, and he started his own clothing brand as a medium to spread his message, "Live and Let Others Live Too."